About Hotel

In its more than a hundred-year-long history, the Slavia Hotel has built up a good reputation not only owing to its location in the historical centre of the town and its architecture, but also on the grounds of personal approach, service and striving to exceed every visitor´s expectations.

Hotel Slavia nowadays presents „the old dame“ among the Brno hotels with plenty of return guests. Good quality, friendly and pleasant envorinment are the key aspects which make the guests come back even years later. Historically, it has been the first Czech hotel of our town.

Our staff have been trained in matters of cultural differences and guests of 90 nationalities and various religious customs.

History of our Hotel

It is the year 1899 and Brno goes down in history. Karel Moravec, Czech patriot, opens the Slavia Hotel. He manages to build a first-class hotel with an excellent reputation and genuine features of Czech enterprise extending beyond the territory of our republic. A great many esteemed personalities repeatedly stay to enjoy the customer care of the hotel. They seek for the perfect services which go hand in hand with the beauty and elegance of architecture and design of the hotel.

The hotel also owed nearby stables for its horses pulling wagons with guests form the railway station or its surroundings. With arrival of modern conveniences the Slavia hotel was the one not lagging behind. In the times of the First Republic, in the place of the present outside seating in front of the hotel, there used to be one of the first petrol stations.

The hotel building was used not only by its guests, but also by the general public. The offer of services was unrivalled by then. Billiards tables, reading rooms, the renowned Slavia café.

In the sixties the hotel was put under state control and joined the list of institutions administered by Interhotely, the state enterprise of Brno. In the 90´s, the hotel and its buildings went through complete restoration and refurbishing.

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